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Safety Awards

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Safety Awards

Safety is a way of life at MFL. The Company has a unique distinction of achieving a plant Safety Record of 3190 days (8 years and 9 months: 10-2-75 to 5-1l-83) amounting to 19.8 million man hours of operation without any disabling injury, a world record.

MFL has baged 24 International, 25 National and 38 State Safety Awards.

MFL has bagged three State Safety Awards from the Inspectorate of Factories, Tamil Nadu for the year 2001 in the following categories:

  • Scheme I I Prize for the highest reduction in the weighted frequency rate.
  • Scheme II I Prize for the lowest weighted frequency rate.
  • Scheme II II Prize for the longest accident free period in million man-hours.
  • The Honorable Minister of Labour Thiru Annavi presented the awards in the State Safety Awards function at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai, on the National Safety Day, March 4, 2005.