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Current Projects  

  • Feedstock conversion from Naphtha to Natural Gas.
  • After feedstock conversion MFL Ammonia Plant can run
  • a) 100% Plant Load with Natural Gas
  • b) 100% Plant Load with Naphtha
  • c) 100% Plant Load with both Natural Gas & Naphtha
  • Firing fuel change-over from FO to Natural Gas for oil-fired boilers:
  • a) Boiler can run either on NG or FO or combination of both
  • b) Already 110 ATA Boiler has been provided with dual-burners
  • c) Process Condensate Boiler dual-burner modification taken up

  • Naphtha De-areator for both Process & Fuel requirements
  • Two numbers additional Cooling Towers installation - tendering in progress
  • Installation of New Rotary Dryer in NPK A Train
  • Replacement of high-energy consuming Turbines for major equipment with high-efficiency Turbines
  • EOI called for supply of NG at MFL Battery-limit

Future Projects

  • State-of-art Ammonia / Urea / NPK Plants (Brownfield plants)
  • NPK B Train refurbishment
  • Potash Godown with material handling system - construction
  • Production of Neem-coated Urea: Under TEFR stage
  • Container Terminal utilizing the excess land available within the MFL Premises at Manali
  • Power Generation once Natural Gas is available at the MFL Battery-limit
  • EOI called for promoting the Guindy Property under JV concept

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