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Chemical Fertilizers

  • Urea
  • Neem Coated Urea
  • NPK - Complex (17:17:17)
  • (14:28:14)
  • (19:19:19)
  • (20:20:0:13)
  • NK Mixture (20:0:10)
  • MOP (Imported)
  • DAP (Imported)



VIJAY Urea with 46% Nitrogen is an economical Nitrogenous fertilizer suitable for all crops and all soil types. It can be used separately as a top dressing fertilizer or in combination with other fertilizers also. It is suitable for foliar application also.

VIJAY Complexes

VIJAY complexes are granulated fertilizers containing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash. As the nutrients are present in balanced proportion, they are ideal for application as basal fertilizers to all the major crops.

VIJAY 17:17:17, which was introduced in 1970, is our flagship product, which enjoys high farmer preference, on account of its excellent performance leading to bumper yields. It was the first balanced complex fertilizer to be introduced in Indian market, with all the three nutrients available in equal proportion. The nitrogen in VIJAY 17:17:17 is in Amide and Ammonical forms, making it ideally suited for early growth and vegetative phases of all crops.

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