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ISO Certification

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Award Of ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 9001

MFL has crossed yet another milestone on its march towards Organizational excellence. It was a momentous occasion when MFL earned the distinction of being the first Public Sector Undertaking in the Fertilizer Sector to get the ISO 9002 accreditation effective November 1, 1995. Presently MFL is having ISO 9001-2008 Certification valid up to September 14, 2018.

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The much coveted International Quality Certificate is obtained in recognition of MFL’s endeavour of implementing Quality Management System Standards in all the Areas of the Organization and also sustained efforts are put in to improve the quality systems in accordance with the MFL Quality Policy. Now, MFL has ISO 9001:2008 Certificate valid up to December 2016.

As a commitment to the Pollution Control & Environmental Protection, MFL has initially obtained ISO 14001 certification by January 2001, during which period National Productivity Council was providing consultancy to MFL for EMS Certification. Presently, MFL has ISO 14001:2004 certificate valid up to May 2017.

Award Of ISO 14001 Certification to MFL

MFL has one more feather in its cap of obtaining Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001:2015) which is valid upto November 29,2020.

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Initially, MFL had been awarded ISO 9002 Certification for the Quality Management System in the year 1995 and this Certification is renewed five times between 1998 and 2010. The latest QMS Certificate (ISO 9001:2008) is valid up to December 2016. MFL has upgraded the latest 2008 version in the year 2010.

MFL has always been environmentally pro-active to make cleaner, greener and safe environment with its motto of achieving better & still better productivity by energy savings and sustainable growth.

Since inception MFL has invested `73.5 crores for the installation of pollution prevention and abatement facilities during earlier operations, modernization and during capacity up gradation activities.

Significant among them is the installation of Tertiary Sewage Treatment and Reverse Osmosis System to treat and desalinate the city sewage for reuse in plant which has resulted in reducing the sewage flow into sea and releasing 8% of fresh water by Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board for city use. In addition, during 1999 additional treatment systems have been installed at a cost of around `60 lacs. By these activities 40% of effluents generated are being treated and recycled, thus making the production facilities of Ammonia, Urea and NPK units a total Zero discharge plant.

Further, a sum of `.6.7 Crores had been invested to achieve a much cleaner environment. In this connection, a treatment and recovery system is installed for cooling water blow down which contributed recovering a further 40% of the effluents generated. A 10% quantity of effluents generated is supplied to a neighboring industry for their process use. These activities have achieved a recovery and reuse of 80% of effluents and supply of 10% of effluent thus making the unit to march towards “a near zero effluent discharge” status. The other schemes include continuous online stack monitoring system for Urea & NPK Plant’s stacks and up gradation of effluent handling systems. These are in line with MFL’s philosophy of achieving zero discharge of effluents generated.

Keeping all the above in mind and to provide a frame work and recognition for the efforts put in this direction, MFL volunteered for ISO 14001 Certification. Accordingly, we have demonstrated commitment towards Pollution Prevention, Environmental Protection and compliance per legal requirements. In this connection, MFL initiated proactive steps from September 2000 onwards for obtaining initial ISO 14001 Certification. At present, M/s Indian Register Quality Systems (IRQS) has been MFLs Certifying body for QMS and EMS.

MFL has always been committed to continual improvement on Quality Management System and Environmental Management System resulting in Productivity conforming to energy savings and achieving cleaner, greener & safe environment by keeping in view of Corporate Social Responsibility. Further, with cooperation, involvement, trust and understanding of all MFLers including Contract Workmen, the targets, objectives and consequent profit maximization are achieved which contributes to the national economy, productivity and prosperity.