“DUE TO ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS, RECRUITMENT NOTIFICATION DT.25.09.2019 & CORRIGENDUM DT.25.10.2019 STANDS CANCELLED” It is informed that the notification regarding recruitment of officers for 48 posts on contract basis with Notification No. 01/2023 dt 13.05.2023 is kept in abeyance for administrative reason.
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Corporate Planning

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Switching over to Re-Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) feed stock from Naphtha

  • MFL has successfully completed the Ammonia Plant Feed stock and fuel conversion from Naphtha to RLNG during July 2019. Also, fuel has been changed over from Fuel Oil to RLNG for two Auxiliary Boilers of Ammonia Plant namely 110 Ata Boiler and Process Condensate Boiler.
  • Fuel conversion from Fuel Oil to RLNG is being carried out for one of the Auxiliary Boiler in Utility Plant.

Conversion to RLNG feed / fuel resulted in:

  • Pollution free environment conditions.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Better operational control and flexibility
  • Extension of catalyst’s life.