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Corporate Planning

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Switching over to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) feed stock from Naptha

  • MFL Plants are designed to use R-LNG as part of Revamping Project and hence switchover to R-LNG can be done with minimum capital expenditure in a short time. The quantity of LNG required for replacement of existing fuel is around 1.2 MMSCM per day.
  • The fertilizers complex of MFL is presently using Naptha for the process and fuel requirements of Ammonia Plant, FO in boilers, HSD in Captive Power Plants (Gas Turbine Generators and Diesel Gensets) and LPG for auxiliary firing in the Boilers, heaters and flares.
  • Detailed in-house assessment of the changes required for the conversion has been carried out. Information from external sources, engineering consultants and supplier of boilers has been gathered and analyzed.

Conversion to LNG feed / fuel will result in:

  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Reduction in cost of production.
  • Better operational flexibility / Convenience.
  • Extension of catalyst’s life.