INVITATION FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (MFL intends to sell 5000 MT of Anhydrous Ammonia thru reputed Companies / Organizations Interested Agencies See the MFL Tenders Portal and apply before 15.12.2023) DUE TO ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS, RECRUITMENT NOTIFICATION DT.25.09.2019 & CORRIGENDUM DT.25.10.2019 STANDS CANCELLED It is informed that the notification regrading recruitment of officers for 48 posts on contract basis with Notification No.01/2023 Dt. 13.05.2023 is kept in abeyance for administrative reason.
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MFL markets its Fertilizers, Biofertilizers and Agrochemicals, under the brand name VIJAY, in the States of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Union Territory of Pondicherry and Andaman Nicobar Islands. MFL also imports Di-Ammonium Phosphate for marketing and Muriate of Potash, Urea, Phosphoric acid for manufacturing Vijay 17-17-17.

As a result of MFLs pioneering role in promoting use of complex fertilizers for balanced nutrient application in South India during the past 44 years, MFL products enjoy a distinct preference among farmers all over its marketing territory based on quality, compatibility with major crops, soil health etc and extending services to farmers by conducting promotional programs under Corporate Social Responsibility.