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Bio Fertilizers

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  • Azospirillum (Paddy)
  • Azospirillum (Other Crops)
  • Azospirillum (Plantation Crops)
  • Rhizobium (Groundnut)
  • Rhizobium (Pulses)
  • Phospho Bacteria (All Crops)
  • NP Bio (All Crops)

Bio Fertilizers

A healthy soil alone can utilize the applied chemical fertilizers efficiently and lead to high yields. The health of the soil is maintained by various factors, the most important being the soil microbes. Continuous cultivation results in microbial population being depleted. Inoculation of Biofertilizers in cultivated soil results in multiplication of the microbial population. MFL, with a view to maintain good health and fertility of the soil, introduced Biofertilizers under the brand name “VIJAY BIO”.

VIJAY Bio-fertilizers come in two categories, viz., Nitrogen fixers and Phosphate Solublizers. The Biofertilizer range is wide and covers the requirements of all crops under all soil / climatic conditions.


VIJAY Bio-fertilizers play a crucial role in restoring the forest cover of India, as Forest Departments of State Governments regularly use VIJAY Bio-fertilizers during raising of nurseries of forest trees. These saplings are subsequently planted on large scale in degraded areas to restore forest cover.