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Right to Information Act 2005

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Right to Information Act, 2005 provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. Madras Fertilizers Limited, at Manali, Chennai-600068, a Government of India Public Sector Undertaking is a Public Authority under the Act.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 4 (1) (b) the following information are furnished:

Details of Information

Madras Fertilizers Ltd was incorporated in December, 1966 as a Joint Venture between GOI and AMOCO India Incorporated of USA (AMOCO) with equity contribution of 51% and 49% respectively. In accordance with the Fertilizers Formation Agreement / Participation Agreement between GOI, AMOCO and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) an undertaking of Government of Iran, NIOC acquired 50% of shareholding of AMOCO in Nov 1972. Consequently, the shareholding of AMOCO and NIOC were at 24.5% each with balance 51% held by GOI.

In July 1985, AMOCO disinvested their shares, which were purchased by GOI and NIOC in their respective proportions on 22.07.1985. The revised shareholding pattern was GOI 67.55% and NIOC 32.45%. After the Company’s Initial Public Offer in May 1977, the Shareholding pattern is as follows:

Rs in Cr Percentage (%)
Government of India 95.85 59.50
NIOC 41.52 25.77
Public 23.73 14.73
Total 161.10 100.00

The Company has an authorized share capital of Rs 365 Cr comprising of Rs 175 Cr as equity and Rs 190 Cr as preference share capital. The Preference Share Capital is yet to be subscribed. As on 30.09.2005 the paid up equity capital is Rs 161.10 Cr.

Business Activities

MFL is a leading producer of complex fertilizers in the country. MFL has an aggregate capacity to produce 840,000 tonnes of NPK fertilizers and 486,750 tonnes of urea per annum. MFL has a dominant position in the South Indian market. MFL markets its fertilizers under the “VIJAY” brand name. MFL is involved in the manufacture and marketing of urea and NPK fertilizers and trading of imported Di-Ammonium Phosphate and Muriate of Potash. The main NPK product of MFL is 17:17:17. Other NPK/NP grades produced by MFL include 14:28:14, 19:19:19, 20:20:0 and 18:46:0 (DAP). MFL’s other businesses include manufacture and marketing of agrochemicals, biofertilizers and Insurance marketing with tie up from ING-VYSYA. For the Financial Year ended March 31, 2009, MFL sold an aggregate of 4.15 lac tonne of UREA fertilizers. MFL achieved revenue of about Rs. 1123.59 crores in this period.

Our Vision and Mission

The powers of the employees have been defined at all levels and similarly the functions and responsibilities have been specified for all position.

Delegation of Authority Policy
Service Policy

The Company is managed by the Chairman and Managing Director under the supervision, control of the Board of Directors. CMD is assisted by the functional Group Heads. The decision making processes are based on the Delegation of Authorities of the Company at various levels and as approved from time to time. Detailed execution of the job is being done under the leadership of the in-charge of the respective departments.

Each Department of the Company, while discharging its function, is guided by Departmental Manuals, which are periodically reviewed and updated.

FAAP-Soil Sample Report

The Memorandum and Articles of Association provide the overall framework of the rules and regulations to be followed by the Company. Each Department of the Company, while discharging its function, is guided by Departmental Manuals, which are periodically reviewed and updated. In addition to that, the conduct of the employees is regulated by the Standing Orders for Workmen and Service Policy for the Officers of the Company.

Standing Orders

The Company holds the commercial and technical documents relating to the business operations of the Company in the form of files, registers and/or electronic formats, as per the Company’s requirements from time to time and as provided for under various statues.

Archival Policy

A well defined Company’s citizen charter provides for grievance / complaints redressal mechanism. The details are available in the Company’s website www.madrasfert.nic.in

Citizen Charter

Board of Directors and Committee Composition

The Company’s Board presently comprises 6 members. Chairman and Managing Director is an Executive Director and all other Directors are Non-Executive Directors.

The Board has constituted the following committees of the Directors:

Management Committee

The committee is constituted to review the performance of the Company on regular basis

Audit Committee

The committee has the powers and functions as delegated by the Board from time to time in line with the provision of the Companies Act, 1956 and listing agreement.

Committee on Succession Plan

The committee has been vested with powers to implement succession plan at Senior Management level

Shareholder’s / Investor’s Grievance Committee

The committee deals with investors grievances pertaining to shares related matter

Further various adhoc committees are constituted internally on need basis.

While decision taken or minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors are not accessible by the public, important decisions regarding the company and/or its management are being communicated to the statutory authorities as also to the public as required under listing agreement. However minutes of the General Meetings (AGM / EGM) are available to the shareholders of the Company.

The list of employees of the Company are given in Annexure-II. fonte dell’articolo

Directory of Employees

Non – Supervisors

Grade Existing Revised
I 4320-85-5595 Rs.8760-3%-(30)
II 4450-100-5950 Rs.9020-3%-(30)
III 4575-125-7700 Rs.9270-3%-(30)
IV 4850-145-8475 Rs.9830-3%-(30)
V 5200-160-9200 Rs.10540-3%-(30)
VI Rs.11370-3%-(30) @
VII Rs.12000-3%-(30) @

@ Proposed New Scales

Annual Increments for all the scales will be given @ 3%.


Grade Designation Pay Scale
Existing Revised
E-1 Sr.Officer / Sr. Engineer 8600-250-14600 16400-40500
E-2 Asst. Manager 10750-300-16750 20600-46500
E-3 Deputy Manager / General Suptdt. 13000-350-18250 24900-50500
E-4 Addl. Manager / DyRegl Manager/ General Suptdt. 14500-350-18700 29100-54500
E-5 Plant Manager / Regional Manager / Manager 16000-400-20800 32900-58000
E-6 Chief Manager 17500-400-22300 36600-62000
E-7 DGM / JGM 18500-450-23900 43200-66000
E-8 GM 20500-500-26500 51300-73000
E-9 Director Schedule (C) 22500-600-27300 65000-75000
E-10 C M D Schedule (B) 25750-650-30950 75000-90000

The Management proposes to introduce a new scale at E-0 Level with a pay range of Rs.12,600 – 32,500/-.

Fitment Method

Fitment method as recommended in the Committee Report as follows, would be adopted:

(A) Basic Pay as on 31.12.2006

(B) Corresponding Dearness Allowance at AICPI

at 2884 as on 1.1.2007 + (C) Fitment benefit at 30% of (A) + (B)

(D) Aggregate amount

The revised basic pay will be determined by placing the aggregate amount at (D) rounded off to the next ten rupees and pay fixed in the revised scale of pay. If the pay fixed, falls below the minimum in the newscale, the revised Basic Pay will be fixed at the minimum of the Scale.

Where Executives drawing pay at two or more consecutive stages in the existing scale get bunched, then for every two stages so bunched, benefit of one increment will be given.

The Company has a system of preparing a Capital / Revenue Budget every year which is approved by the Board of Directors for implementation.

The Company has not initiated any subsidy programmes.

Not Applicable

The information related to Company Profile/Business is available at the Company’s website at www.madrasfert.nic.in. Besides all the statutory information required to be put on the website are also made available for public access.

The public, desirous of getting information, may contact the Central Public Information Officer or Central Assistant Public Information Officer. MFL does not maintain any library or reading room for public use.

Name Designation Email address
Shri Harsh Malhotra Director Technical Appellate Authority dt@madrasfert.co.in
Shri N Ananthavijayan General Manager – P & A (a/c) Central Public Information Officer gmpa@madrasfert.co.in
Shri Sandeep Duggal Deputy Manager – Liaison Transparency Officer and Co-ordinator sandeepduggal2009@gmail.com
Shri A Selva Murugan DGM – Maintenance (i/c) Asst Central Public Information Officer dgmmaint@madrasfert.co.in
Shri V Chandramouli DGM – CA,IA,T& MIS (i/c) Asst Central Public Information Officer cmtax@madrasfert.co.in
Shri R Ramakrishna Raju Manager – M & D Asst Central Public Information Officer ware.mfl@gmail.com
Shri M Venkatesan Chief Manager – MIS & HR Asst Central Public Information Officer venki@madrasfert.co.in

Procedure for obtaining information under the Act :

A citizen requiring any information as contemplated by the Act, can send application in a plain paper.

Application need to be accompanied by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Madras Fertilizers Limited payable at Chennai, towards application fee of Rs.10/- and other applicable fees as under:

  • Rs.2 for each page created / copied for A3 /A4 paper.
  • actual charge for larger size paper.
  • 3actual cost for samples /models.
  • Rs.5 for every hour of inspection. (No fee for the first hour).
  • Rs.50/- for information provided in disc / floppy.
  • At the price of publication or Rs.2 per page for copy / extract for publication.

The application along with the Demand Draft should be sent to:

  • Central Public Information Officer,
    Madras Fertilizes Limited,
    Manali, Chennai- 600 068

The Central Public Information Officer will provide the information sought or reject the application within 30 days of the receipt of the application.

  • not accompanied by prescribed fee
  • Information which are prohibited from disclosure under the Act.

Any person who does not receive a decision within the 30 days of expiry of such period or from the receipt of such a decision can prefer an appeal to Chairman & Managing Director, Appellate Authority, who shall provide the information or reject the appeal within 30 days of receipt of such appeal.

Information Under Right to Information Act 2005


S.No. Name CPOS Date of Program (RTI)
1. Mr S Narayanan (E.No.1478) E7 Nov 24 to 26, 2010
2. Mr A Ravi (E.No.2342) E3 Jan 11 to 12, 2016
3. Mrs. Gayathri Ganesh (E.No.2341) E2 Jan 11 to 12, 2016

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