“DUE TO ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS, RECRUITMENT NOTIFICATION DT.25.09.2019 & CORRIGENDUM DT.25.10.2019 STANDS CANCELLED” It is informed that the notification regarding recruitment of officers for 48 posts on contract basis with Notification No. 01/2023 dt 13.05.2023 is kept in abeyance for administrative reason.
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Monthly remuneration received by employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its Regulations

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  • 04 Jan 2019
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Non – Supervisors

Grade Existing Revised
I 4320-85-5595 Rs.8760-3%-(30)
II 4450-100-5950 Rs.9020-3%-(30)
III 4575-125-7700 Rs.9270-3%-(30)
IV 4850-145-8475 Rs.9830-3%-(30)
V 5200-160-9200 Rs.10540-3%-(30)
VI Rs.11370-3%-(30) @
VII Rs.12000-3%-(30) @

@ Proposed New Scales

Annual Increments for all the scales will be given @ 3%.


Grade Designation Pay Scale
Existing Revised
E-1 Sr.Officer / Sr. Engineer 8600-250-14600 16400-40500
E-2 Asst. Manager 10750-300-16750 20600-46500
E-3 Deputy Manager / General Suptdt. 13000-350-18250 24900-50500
E-4 Addl. Manager / DyRegl Manager/ General Suptdt. 14500-350-18700 29100-54500
E-5 Plant Manager / Regional Manager / Manager 16000-400-20800 32900-58000
E-6 Chief Manager 17500-400-22300 36600-62000
E-7 DGM / JGM 18500-450-23900 43200-66000
E-8 GM 20500-500-26500 51300-73000
E-9 Director Schedule (C) 22500-600-27300 65000-75000
E-10 C M D Schedule (B) 25750-650-30950 75000-90000

The Management proposes to introduce a new scale at E-0 Level with a pay range of Rs.12,600 – 32,500/-.

Fitment Method

Fitment method as recommended in the Committee Report as follows, would be adopted:

(A) Basic Pay as on 31.12.2006

(B) Corresponding Dearness Allowance at AICPI

at 2884 as on 1.1.2007 + (C) Fitment benefit at 30% of (A) + (B)

(D) Aggregate amount

The revised basic pay will be determined by placing the aggregate amount at (D) rounded off to the next ten rupees and pay fixed in the revised scale of pay. If the pay fixed, falls below the minimum in the newscale, the revised Basic Pay will be fixed at the minimum of the Scale.

Where Executives drawing pay at two or more consecutive stages in the existing scale get bunched, then for every two stages so bunched, benefit of one increment will be given.