INVITATION FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (MFL intends to sell 5000 MT of Anhydrous Ammonia thru reputed Companies / Organizations Interested Agencies See the MFL Tenders Portal and apply before 15.12.2023) DUE TO ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS, RECRUITMENT NOTIFICATION DT.25.09.2019 & CORRIGENDUM DT.25.10.2019 STANDS CANCELLED It is informed that the notification regrading recruitment of officers for 48 posts on contract basis with Notification No.01/2023 Dt. 13.05.2023 is kept in abeyance for administrative reason.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility Undertaken by MFL

  • MFL continued its tradition of conducting informative and educational programs for the farmers and dealers as a part of social responsibility in upliftment of farming community.
  • 87 promotional programs were conducted benefiting 33,602 farmers. MFL continued its demonstration on Bio-Fertilizers, follow up on soil tests results and disseminated the results to farmers for balanced fertilizers application and participation in Government exhibitions etc.,
  • Marketing personnel contacted 33,602 farmers and educated the farmers about soil health techniques, usage of Bio-Fertilizers & Neem products for eco friendly plant protection and fertilizer recommendation ( Macro & Micro) for different crops.
  • To educate farmers about balanced fertilization, we have collected and analyzed 5658 soil samples from farmers.
  • With regard to micro nutrient analysis, we have analyzed 441 samples and the report sent to farmers for follow up.
  • To ensure fertilizer distribution upto rural area, MFL has appointed 5785 retail dealers which includes 27% of SC/ST dealers.
  • MFL has spent a sum of ₹ 6.52 lacs towards CSR activities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility