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  • In order to improve the food grains productivity by farmers, MFL is went for Complex Fertilizers (Vijay 17:17:17) production in a larger way.
  • MFL had imported one shipment of Phosphoric Acid, two shipments of MOP and one shipment of Urea as a beginning to procure the raw materials for the sustained production of Complex fertilizers.
  • Per Government of India directive, MFL has been concentrating on Bio-diversity in order to enrich the soil fertility and its texture. Accordingly, 3183 MT of Vijay Organic Manure has been marketed in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States.
  • In order to bring transparency on the fertilizer subsidy to reach the farmers, appropriate steps have been initiated by MFL per Government of India directive through Mobile Fertilizer Monitoring System (FMS). To begin with, our Field Personnel have conducted Dealer Orientation Program on Mobile FMS for 100% implementation.
  • MFL has moved Vijay products predominantly through Rail by engaging Wagons. During the period from April 2012 to October 2012, 3578 Wagons were engaged which contributes to 70% of products moved through Rail and only 30% through Road. Our endeavour is to achieve minimum target of Rail : Road ratio as 80:20, which will not only be cost effective but also the required quantity of Vijay fertilizers can be moved according to the requirements of the Districts concerned.