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Other information as may be prescribed

Procedure for obtaining information under the Act :

A citizen requiring any information as contemplated by the Act, can send application in a plain paper.

Application need to be accompanied by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Madras Fertilizers Limited payable at Chennai, towards application fee of Rs.10/- and other applicable fees as under:

  • Rs.2 for each page created / copied for A3 /A4 paper.
  • actual charge for larger size paper.
  • 3actual cost for samples /models.
  • Rs.5 for every hour of inspection. (No fee for the first hour).
  • Rs.50/- for information provided in disc / floppy.
  • At the price of publication or Rs.2 per page for copy / extract for publication.

The application along with the Demand Draft should be sent to:

  • Central Public Information Officer,
    Madras Fertilizes Limited,
    Manali, Chennai- 600 068

The Central Public Information Officer will provide the information sought or reject the application within 30 days of the receipt of the application.

  • not accompanied by prescribed fee
  • Information which are prohibited from disclosure under the Act.

Any person who does not receive a decision within the 30 days of expiry of such period or from the receipt of such a decision can prefer an appeal to Chairman & Managing Director, Appellate Authority, who shall provide the information or reject the appeal within 30 days of receipt of such appeal.

Information Under Right to Information Act 2005