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Vigilance Activities

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  • Preparation of list of officers of doubtful integrity.
  • Preparation of Agreed list of officers.
  • Scrutiny of returns on immovable / movable assets.
  • Monitoring rotation of staff in sensitive areas.
  • Monitoring timely realization of outstanding dues beyond the credit limit from the dealers.
  • Investigation of complaints with follow-up action.
  • Study systems & procedures of MFL and advise the Management for cost control / reduction and to eliminate scope for malpractices.
  • Review of procurement of materials and service contracts.
  • Surprise inspection of private field warehouses / unloading operations at railheads.
  • Inspection of Regional Offices.
  • Undertaking CTE type inspections ed-hrvatski.com/.
  • Follow-up of CVC’s instructions on leveraging technology.
  • Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week.
  • Scrutiny of audit reports.
  • In-house training to line managers on various aspects of preventive vigilance.